Lisa Jesse

Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Lisa Jesse has dedicated her career to real estate finance. Helping owners and investors achieve their financial goals faster has been a defining theme over Lisa’s more than 25 years in the business. As Chandler Partners’ Chief Financial and Operating Officer, Lisa oversees all operations and finance functions.

Lisa is no stranger to complex, multidisciplinary projects. Over her career, Lisa has managed all aspects of accounting and reporting for public, private, and government entities, such as CalPERS and the City of Long Beach. She has touched a range of property types, including mixed-use, hotel, retail, and multifamily at every stage of development, from due diligence through property management or sales.

While Lisa’s passion is generating impressive profits for ownership and investors, her dedication to the personal side of the business is equally impactful. Whether she is negotiating competitive benefits packages, serving as a confidant, or helping team members tackle tough challenges, Lisa is gifted at boosting morale and performance.

Throughout her career, Lisa has been a constant champion of operational productivity. She pinpoints areas for improved cash flow and savings, motivates teams to meet higher goals, and leverages technology to drive data insights—all in the spirit of revenue growth and profitability.

“Tracy is savvy, exceptionally sharp, highly intelligent, and a discerning leader. She was a pleasure to work for—a treasure in any organization. Her leadership and sound guidance create tremendous value in all areas of the business she touches.”

Elle Y. Uh, Management Consultant Deloitte

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