Tracy Thomas

Chief Financial Officer

Tracy Thomas is a power player with heart—masterfully combining a penchant for building lasting relationships with the skills to collaboratively solve challenging problems and create momentum to get things done. She is a true business partner, both inside the firm and with its investors, in utilizing resources, understanding the firm’s position within the larger financial landscape, and maximizing returns on investment to help Chandler Partners not just succeed, but thrive.

With a background in accounting and financial consulting, Tracy brings more than 25 years of direct experience in real estate finance to the firm’s project teams. A key component of Chandler Partners’ vertically integrated model, Tracy oversees all financial operations, accounting, and reporting, including investments, asset management, investor reporting, and portfolio management. She has also helped shape a culture that embraces shared success, camaraderie, and fun. Fueling success for both Chandler Partners and its business partners, Tracy utilizes her vast network and experience to serve as a resource and confidant in and outside the firm, providing a trusted ear and endless supply of solutions to help teams and leaders avoid pitfalls and stay on course. e.

Over the course of her career, Tracy has overseen more than $500 million in development transactions, encompassing 15,000 residential units and $450 million in oversight and management of construction budgets.

“Tracy is savvy, exceptionally sharp, highly intelligent, and a discerning leader. She was a pleasure to work for—a treasure in any organization. Her leadership and sound guidance create tremendous value in all areas of the business she touches.”

Elle Y. Uh, Management Consultant Deloitte

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