Veronica Casas

Regional Manager

Veronica Casas is a Regional Manager within the Chandler Partners team. A “people person” who demonstrates a passion for helping others, she brings a deep knowledge base in property management, business, tax credits, and residential law to Chandler Partners’ property management company, Pineridge, which oversees both multifamily residential and commercial properties.

As a person who understands the power of relationships as much as the product, Veronica helps build and maintain impactful communities through meaningful interactions with tenants, managers and brokers. She oversees smaller management teams for dozens of properties across the region and supports their efforts by connecting resources, information, and experiences in order to build better teams and, in turn, better properties.

Veronica offers her teams a solution-oriented attitude backed by an education in Business Management, a real estate license, ongoing training in housing laws and fair housing practices, and more than 20 years in the industry with other development and management companies across Southern California.

“Veronica has always been wonderful to us and we truly appreciate her. She treats us fairly and is great at her job.”

Sean C. Bloomfield Apartments

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