To build is a science. To build with excellence is an art form.

Our general contracting firm, Verdugo Company, provides construction services for every Chandler Partners project. Verdugo built its reputation by crafting the highest-quality product, tailored to each location at the lowest cost. With over 20,000 residential units and 2,000,000 square feet of office and industrial space to their name, Verdugo has earned our trust. We are confident they will earn yours, too.

Quality Craftsmanship from a Name You Can Trust

Track Record of Building First-Class Properties

Since 1978, Verdugo has reliably provided the staff, skills, and services necessary to build a diversity of first-class projects in Southern California, totaling over $1 billion in construction costs.

Experienced Leaders Who Plan for Success

Verdugo’s seasoned construction managers recognize inconsistencies, develop detailed workflow plans, and monitor progress, quality, budget, and schedule—ensuring project milestones and goals are met.

Quick Start-Up and Seamless Process

Verdugo has the ability to finalize project budgets early and mobilize quickly. Due to the firm’s long-standing relationships with subcontractors, working together is seamless, collaborative, and efficient.

Early and Thorough Budget Management

Verdugo’s construction team gets involved from the moment our design team starts work on a project to ensure plans are buildable and provide advice on creating the most value within the budget.

Aware of and Responsive to Leasing Needs

Close contact with the leasing team helps keep Verdugo abreast of market trends to incorporate into the final design. Prioritizing completion of the façade and common areas facilitates early leasing.

Sustaining Quality for Long-Term Management

All Chandler Partners buildings are easy to maintain over the long term because of our construction team’s careful attention to detail, material selection, and construction tolerances at every stage.

“Highly ethical, a pleasure to work with, and very team-oriented players who partner with the city staff and local community.”

– quote from local city councilman and city manager

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