Quality is not negotiable. For us, it never has been.

In the highly competitive Southern California real estate market, Chandler Partners has emerged as a leader in developing high-quality projects that drive value for communities, create pride for tenants, and provide an excellent investment return for our teams. Our dependability, nimble thinking, and foresight have opened doors for us to develop high-profile real estate projects valued at more than $10 billion.

Elevating the Art of Development

Vertically Integrated Model

We offer in-house capabilities that support the full range of multifamily residential and commercial real estate services, including development, construction, property management, and investment.

Seasoned Principals Leading Projects

We believe best teams create best results. That is, putting the best thinking behind every decision at every stage.

Financially Stable and Sound

Our financial wherewithal enables us to close deals faster—without relying on a third-party partner. We focus on creative deals with unique and viable monetary structures that can maximize returns.

Commitment to Communities

We take the time to understand the needs of local stakeholders, neighborhood groups, and city leadership. We build relationships the same way we build developments—with the highest level of transparency.

Broad and Deep Experience

Our due diligence process allows us to identify and seize opportunities. We thrive on complex developments—challenging land-use entitlements, environmental remediation, changing regulatory environments, and more.

Disciplined Design Approach

We stay current on trends, understand our market, and collaborate with our design team to ensure our properties reflect the desires of the community and future tenants alike—remaining true to our budgets.

“…one of the last private, nimble development firms out there that can ‘think outside the box’ and get things done.”

– quote from local 30-year broker

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