Vito Montagna

Director of Construction & Design

When it comes to construction, Vito Montagna understands what matters. In Vito’s 50 years of experience in construction, he has dedicated 30 years to leading Verdugo, Chandler Partners’ construction company. Starting his career as a framer while still in high school, Vito demonstrated an uncommon work ethic and excelled at managing both teams and quality, enabling his quick progression into management and leadership positions. To this day, Vito is hands-on with every Verdugo project. He gets involved early to identify cost efficiencies, reviews the site to evaluate constructability concerns against plans, budgets accurately, and scrutinizes subcontractors for work quality and schedule adherence.

Serving as both leader and mentor, Vito readily lends expertise and lessons learned to consultants, superintendents, and on-site crews—keeping a laser-like eye on details and specifications, questioning inconsistencies, and driving quick resolutions. Considered a partner throughout the development process, Vito supports the leasing team and keeps construction timelines and deliverables aligned with sales requirements. He is also heavily involved during bidding and contract negotiations, ensuring project teams are prepared to deliver on Chandler Partners’ promise of Strategy, Integrity, Experience.

Through the successful delivery of more than 20,000 residential units in the Los Angeles basin alone, Vito has made a notable contribution to the growth of L.A.’s housing market. Vito’s leadership builds trust across disciplines, avoids missteps, and ensures the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

“Over the 25 years I have worked with Vito, he has been key to pushing projects ahead―taking a practical ‘hands-on’ approach to construction and often improving upon my designs. With Vito in charge, I know that my project is in good hands and will be built with precision and care.”

Alan Boivin AIA

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